Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising – by Claude C. Hopkins

Scientific Advertising Claude C Hopkins

Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins

Scientific Advertising is one of the most enduring books on marketing and advertising methods ever written. It is fair to say that Claude C. Hopkins’ instructional volume is more than a ‘classic’ it is a text which has educated countless scores of marketers and advertising professionals.

It was so influential on the great Ad Man, David Ogilvy that he famously said,

“Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It has changed the course of my life.”

Now you can download and own a free copy of this landmark text. Simply enter your name and email address to this form, click the link in the email we send you and you’ll be diverted to the free download page to gain instant access to Scientific Advertising.

When you download your free copy of Scientific Advertising you’ll discover:

Chapter 1: How Advertising Laws Are Established

Chapter 2: Just Salesmanship … and how this approach is such an effective advertising method

Chapter 3: Offer Service … how this differentiates from other advertising methods.

Chapter 4: Mail Order Advertising – What it teaches … and how to get it right.

Chapter 5: Headlines … exactly what it takes to capture attention from the outset to drive sales results.

Chapter 6: Psychology … and how understanding the workings of the consumer’s mind give you, the professional marketer, every advantage in applying the most effective advertising methods.

Chapter 7: Being Specific … why the clearest messages give the best results.

Chapter 8: Tell Your Full Story … why story telling is so powerful in advertising – and the rules on how to do it well.

Chapter 9: Art in Advertising … why great advertising is more than just words. Find out what to add and when.

Chapter 10: Things too Costly … discover why it’s always too expensive to try to change someone’s mind.

Chapter 11: Information … How to use it and how to sell it with Scientific Advertising.

Chapter 12: Strategy … Why strategy should always proceed execution in Scientific Advertising.

Chapter 13: Use of Samples … How the simples of strategies can be so powerful. Giving samples enables a closer connection with your product and is a powerful approach within Scientific Advertising.

Chapter 14: Getting Distribution … Unless your product can be readily and easily found your Scientific Advertising Methods will be wasted and simply drain your finances.

Chapter 15: Test Campaigns … At the foundation of Scientific Advertising comes testing your advertising methods. Why you should start small and scale up only slowly.

Chapter 16: Leaning on Dealers … How Scientific Advertising can improve your results further by enlisting the help of those selling on your product or service.

Chapter 17: Individuality … The power of a distinct or unique advertising message in the Scientific Advertising approach.

Chapter 18: Negative Advertising … What it is, when to use it and when to avoid it.

Chapter 19: Letter Writing … The hugely important skill of advertising copy writing and how to excel in this lost art.

Chapter 20: A Name That Helps … The immense advantage in having a product name that helps to tell your story – a pillar of Scientific Advertising.

Chapter 21: Good Business … Finally, concluding on how the Scientific Advertising approach leads to the best business as well as advertising methods.

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