Advertising Methods Start With Why

When you are looking to promote your business or organisation there are a lot of things to consider. This post is about cutting through the complexity.

We believe that when it comes to good advertising methods and good marketing communication in general, nothing is more important than starting with why. Let’s face it. If you don’t know why you are trying to use a particular advertising technique or convey a specific message, what’s the point?

Start With Why

If you start with why gives you the motivation to make your campaign work. And starting with why gives your target consumer a reason to choose your organisation to buy from. If they understand why you are doing what you are doing they can associate with you, relate to you and ‘buy into’ what you and your business is really all about.

In recent years, one man has become known for his explanation of the importance of starting with why. In fact, Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk with the Title Start with Why is one of the most viewed videos on the internet and towards the very top of the list of the most viewed TED Talks ever. And with good reason. Take 20 minutes now and watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, you’ll learn not only why you should start your Advertising Methods with Why, but also how to do it…


Simon summarises it beautifully with his line, “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.”

The goal is not just to sell people what you have. The goal is to sell to people who believe what you believe.


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